mayaaaomg's Journal

i'm Maya. i'm not a big deal, at all.

i love<3
music. my black berry bold. taking photography picture. vintage magazines. concerts. winter. cute shoes. hearts. peace signs. smilies. friends. rachel. laura. kara. nick. frankie. mandy. kat. old days. mugs. starbucks. stuff that smells good. gladiator shoessss. monopoly money;] good times. drake bell. giraffes. daisy. green tea. cool kids. fitting in. bracelets. iPod. traveling. love stories. britney spears. mommie. black and white. yelllllow. whales. shs. bo burnham <3 the perfect man. colorful things. glitter. my bedroom. stars. we the kings. happy. meeting new people. crash. v-necks. reading. vintage. truth. hellos. top model. dreaming. loving. living.

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